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Writing Content for Landing Pages

Writing Content for Landing Pages

Have you ever visited your regular website like a social network or an online shopping platform and along with the website, another page opens on the side, offering something which is completely unrelated to your search but you have a look at it anyway?

These little annoying pop ups or background opening pages are one of the greatest marketing ideas of all time, called landing pages. A landing page is a standalone page which is purely designed for focus on a singular objective, product or service. This singular webpage does not link to the main website as such but provides click-able links which help achieve the goal put forth by the page. This goal could be anything, for example, an online shopping platform offers thousands of products but the landing page offers a sale on a particular cellphone.

A landing page holds a lot of keys to unlock loads of possibilities and opportunities to increase revenue or traffic to the product or the main webpage. During the early times, building a good landing would require a good amount of money and a skilled programmer but now all one needs is good development software and little or no idea about a coding language! Let’s look through the most basic but the most essential points on creating a whimsical and tremendously attractive landing page. Let’s understand with the example of a gym.

Creating the USP

The USP is the unique selling proposition, which means the description of the product or service which makes it unique. For example the USP for a gym - From fat to fit, in 30 days – GUARANTEED!

A USP is a catch phrase or a tag line towards which the user gets attracted when the page first opens. This has to be catchy and should convey what you are trying to sell.

Visual Aid

It is often said that one picture speaks more than a thousand words and pictures can come in handy when you want to convey a message and don’t have to fit the words for it. Visual aid plays a very crucial role while writing good landing pages. Visual aid may include pictures or videos of what idea you are trying to promote. Although pictures are a great way to convey messages, videos are even more compelling. So putting up a picture of a “before and after” scenario showing a flabby person before being transformed by your gym program and also putting up a video of the workout regime could prove exceptionally handy!

The Promise

After the selling proposition that you initially put up, comes the promise. The promise is an extension of the USP and says what the product or service promises. There two types of promises, or benefit declarations.

  • Feature based promise

"Our gym programs will make you fitter and trimmer, faster than any of our competitors!"

  • Benefit based promise

"Our gym provides more than 50 programs and services to help you get in shape faster!"

Finally – The goal!

The goal of a landing page is not meant for the user but for you. The goal is the tool which takes the user to your ultimate objective. This could be a click-able button, a link, or a form/survey to be filled. This would mean creating a button which says “click here to go to your fitter future”, or, “click here to get started”. The button or link ultimately takes the user to parent page where they can purchase the product or service.

If creating opportunities is an art and the internet is your canvas, then a good landing page is your brush. So go out there and paint the world in your colors!

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  • 29/04/2014
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