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Create Hummingbird Friendly Content

Create Hummingbird Friendly Content

Recently, Google put into action their new algorithm for search engines to improve their results. The new algorithm, termed ‘Hummingbird’, delivers the best results to the search and makes the Google experience easier than before. This update came after the 'Penguin' and 'Panda' update and has changed the way searches are optimized, by giving quality of the content an upper hand rather than quantity, creative and clever is the new way to go. This is after the 'Panda' update which forced the websites to update and fix their matters more frequently. Read further to find out how to craft the best hummingbird content on the web.

First important step involved is to plan the content thoroughly. No good article can be written in a few minutes, it takes time, precision, planning and perfect grammar. The key is not to write content in a rush. Plan the content, take some time, check and recheck all the sentences for grammar and consistency, and then shape it. Although you could get lucky with one good article, writing good articles consistently is a very difficult task. Hence planning is the most important tool. Providing value to the searchers is “Hummingbird’s” top priority. If the article is good quality, then 'Hummingbird' pushes the article up the ladder and is returned to more searches.

Thorough research also plays an important role. If you don’t research well before writing, the content might end up being superficial. By research what 'Hummingbird' looks for are famous quotes and supplementary data. What this does is that it makes the searcher realize that you are not fooling around with what you composed. This helps in persuading the reader regarding the matter. Hummingbird calculates the time readers spend in reading the article and how many sub links they click. The higher these numbers, the more popular the article goes.

Another asset one can possess in their arsenal is creativity. The key is to reach out to the searcher and to showcase your creativity through your small article. This helps them to find a connection with the matter at hand. The best way to do it is to include related pictures to make a certain point. Creativity means to structure the article properly by breaking the content into sub paragraphs. Also providing sufficient proof about your content is a good practice. You cannot persuade your reader by just making them read the article, it is mandatory to supplement the content with concrete facts and firm figures to prove what you are saying. Quoting a pertinent source will provide reliability to the matter.

Finally it’s very important for one to create content with supremely high quality measures. It is essential that the article is properly written, a simple grammar mistake or sentence construction error can ruin the chances of the article being recognized by the search engines. So just remember to create high quality content with brisk facts and language and the article will move up the optimized search engine scene.

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  • 23/04/2014
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